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In conjunction with its many teaching programs, the University offers courses which address virtually all aspects of environmental dispute resolution and problem solving. When selecting books for use in these courses, University faculty devote considerable attention to identifying those works which best convey the field's key insights. In assembling information for this site, we have systematically reviewed syllabi of recent University courses to identify those books which are currently being used. Abstracts describing these books, have been prepared and posted on this website where we offer a variety of options for searching the information. These include: a user friendly, interview-based search system, full-text searching, and simple browsing. If you would like to obtain a copy of one or more of these books, you will find a variety of options for obtaining them on the Consortium's Publication Distribution Page. This page includes links to online discount bookstores, as well as journal article delivery services and the library systems at the University of Colorado and other major institutions.

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